Come, die with me a little

Komm stirb mit mir ein Stück. This is the title of Wenzel‘s first LP back in 1986, still in the GDR. Last weekend I had the pleasure to meet him in a concert nearby. I must say that I am very impressed by this german bard. There’s still this youth and love and passion burning inside him. He manages to create a very special athmosphere, all alone on the stage. You know, when time stands still, this would be a good moment for the earth to stop turning around and you think you want to die a little. It’s a pity that so few people know him. Only < 50 people were visiting this concert. If you ever have the luck that he's performing near you (only likely when you live in germany. He made a US tour once with his english album Ticky Tock where he sings songs of Woody Guthrie though) then I strongly recommend you to go to the concert.

For the christmas time he was so nice to present us with one good song: Wenn wir des Nachts


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