JGecko cooler than IE7!

Look and decide for yourself. The one important Intarweb page how it is rendered on IE7 (left) vs GNU Classpath (right):

Thanks Dalibor for finding that and Stuart for sending me this little screenshot.

I would like to add that I am not happy with the name rkennkezilla as suggested by Mario. The HTML widget stuff pulls together the work of many GNU Classpath developers, maybe more than any other package in GNU Classpath.

And yes, this post is completely serious, no kidding folks! 😉


2 Responses to JGecko cooler than IE7!

  1. Hi Roman, excellent work. I was wondering, though, whether I can expect JGecko to have MathML support 🙂 See:


  2. roman says:

    Well I think this isn’t exactly trivial. At the moment I’d focus on completing and stabilizing the Swing HTML renderer first. Given the extendable API of javax.swing.text.html I suppose this would make a good external project.

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