Living With War Today

I already posted about this great album. However, today I was visiting Living With War Today again and found that there’s not only the complete album there, there’s also a complete video clip for each song and a making-of video for each song available right there. Plus tons of articles and other great music and videos. You can even post your own clip if you feel like it 😉
My clear favorites are still Restless Consumer (Don’t need no more lies!), Shock and Awe (these trumpets! I’m melting), and of course Let’s Impeach the President (a Moore-like anti Bush guitar hoedown). While I already knew all of these songs, these pictures are giving me the creeps again. Powerful stuff.

Unfortunately the content is not in free media formats, despite all being about Freedom. I already pinged the guys behind all this and they reacted quickly and quite positive, but unfortunately can’t seem to figure out how to convert all this stuff to Ogg. A real pity. That’s really a sad thing, that even when you’re willing to do it, it’s still not exactly trivial to do so. Dalibor and the Sun guys could tell a story here I guess..

Update I realized just now that Neil released another CD/DVD set of that album with the raw mixes (without that choir. wasn’t the best thing anyway) plus all the videos and additional stuff and of course the original album. And a new album with a 1970 live performance remastered and a new album is also in the works. Wow, that guy’s productive, given that he’s already >60 (and had some serious health issues last year). And it’s not that he ever had long resting pauses between anything he did (like other bands of that age). Maybe he thinks he has some more jobs to do as long as he is on earth 😉


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