How To Make Love

I’m finally closing bug #23505 (the HTML RFE) now. The HTML implemenation in GNU Classpath is by far not complete (can it really? Even Firefox doesn’t pass the ACID2 test yet). But we have a fairly reasonable and complete HTML renderer now, which should be enough for most uses of HTML, which is some formatting on buttons, labels, etc, plus (hopefully) simple help pages and similar stuff. The biggest gaping hole is frame support, which isn’t exactly hard to implement, but which I simply haven’t done so far and which I don’t consider super important right now. Another thing is the lack support for actually submitting forms. I will address both issues (and other remaining stuff) at some point. But right now I’m focussing on completing my font work.

Update: Mario was so kind and hacked a logo for the upcoming jgecko browser (lets seed out some rumours 😉 ):

Browser logo


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