Comes A Time

Next year is going to be exciting for me:

  • I’ll finally finish my diploma thesis
  • I’ll marry Madeleine
  • My second child will be born
  • I’ll likely move to a new place
  • I’ll likely start a new job

Some cultures view life as in 7 year cycles. For instance, I remember one where people usually change their names after 7 years, the Rastafari cut of their dread locks after 7 years. Is it coincidence that I’ll start my 5th 7 year cycle next year? Looking back, when I got 22, I was in a similar situation. I started finished school and civilian service and started study, I met Madeleine, I moved to a new place etc. AH, and I cut off my dread locks 😉 Maybe it’s time that I cut off my hair again.?

On a different note, I was working some more on GNU Classpath’s HTML rendering engine some more lately. I think I’ll simply post a screenshot.


3 Responses to Comes A Time

  1. Mario says:

    Hey, Roman!

    Sometimes things just happen… I remember when I first met a jewel in this ocean, a kind of a sea of indifference all around, then… Well, who work with computers is not famous to have a good social life, ouch! We are famous to usually _not_ have a social life at all! But yes, things happen…

    Keep up with the good work!

  2. Dave Gilbert says:

    Hey Roman!

    Congratulations on all those things! Especially getting married and having another child…


    P.S. Great work on the HTML stuff.

  3. Lillian says:

    Hi Roman!

    Congratulations on everything! I hope you post pictures of the new child when he/she arrives 🙂

    Best of luck,

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