Swing HTML

Just now I got the first bits of the Swing HTML renderer to work, now based on CSS stylesheets. This is by far not complete, but good enough to render some simple HTML stuff.

Luggage terrorism

Speaking of terrorism and insanity, today the german police decided to close down one whole train station due to some unknown luggage left behind (presumably by some old granny, but who knows). This meant that no train at all was allowed to pass through, bringing all train traffic between Karlsruhe and Basel to a halt, for at least one hour. I find this ridiculous, I feel like we are more and more living in a police state.

All this made me thinking if terrorists even need to bother about getting dynamite or so. They could place some suspicous looking bags at some strategically important stations and immediatly bring down significant parts of the infrastructure 😉

Instead of going to insane (and mostly useless) lengths in the ‘war against terrorism’, why not stop making some parts of the world your enemy for a change. Why not stop playing war in the Middle East? Stupid white men..