Pimping up the Escher

In the last couple of days I rewrote some core parts of Escher, making it much faster than before. I changed the way how Escher dispatches the X commands to the X server, and according to these AWT 1.1 Graphics benchmark results, it is now ~3 times faster than before. Also included in this benchmark are results for JDK and Cairo based peers for comparison. This shows that the Escher peers are ~3 times slower than JDK, and the Cairo based peers are again ~5 times slower than Escher. This comparison is not quite fair though, because JDK and the Cairo based peers implement Graphics2D which works differently than the AWT1.1 style Graphics. However, first tests with Graphics2D on Escher/GLX show that it is very likely to be faster than the current AWT 1.1 style implementation. Well, no surprise really, it’s OpenGL accelerated…


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