Finally accelerated

After nearly 5 years of struggle, I managed today to get my graphics card (A Radeon IGP 320M chip) 2D and 3D accelerated today under Linux. I needed to install a custom ACPI DSDT (from into my kernel, which is fairly easy in Ubuntu Dapper (simply drop it into /etc/mkinitramfs and reconfigure the kernel package). This fixes a couple of problems and most importantly avoids instant lockup when starting DRM.

Next I compiled and installed Mesa and DRI from CVS sources following this guide. I had to fiddle a bit with the correct dirs, and voila! OpenGL works and even 2D graphics is much smoother now (due to the use of AGP I guess).

I hope the distros will pick this up soon so that I can live without these hacks. Yay, now I can use Google Earth and play Quake without making my CPU heat up like hell 🙂


2 Responses to Finally accelerated

  1. Egon says:

    I don’t get this; I though ACPI is supported in the 2.6.x tree already? What do these patches add? And why are they not included in the mainstream kernel source?

  2. roman says:

    ACPI is already supported. However, a couple of BIOSes are buggy, and provides many corrected DSTDs for those buggy BIOSes. For me it helped with DRM and some issues with the USB ports. I don’t know why this isn’t included in the mainstream kernel, best ask the kernel devs or the folks from

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